• Ethereum developers have postponed the Shanghai upgrade to early April and are closely monitoring the network’s performance in the coming weeks.
• The upgrade is expected to address several key issues, including enabling validators and stakers to withdraw Ether from the Beacon Chain contract easily.
• The community is eagerly anticipating the benefits it will bring to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Delayed

Ethereum devs have announced that they are pushing back their planned Shanghai hard fork upgrade until early April. This delay has been put in place to ensure that all necessary preparations are made and no unforeseen issues arise.

Goerli Network Performance

The official mainnet date will depend on how successful the Goerli testnet is on March 14th. If everything goes according to plan, then a date for the mainnet launch could be set at the next developers’ meeting on March 16th.

Benefits of Upgrade

The anticipated Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade is expected to bring several beneficial changes to its blockchain network. For example, it will enable validators and stakers to easily withdraw Ether from their Beacon Chain contract after two years or more from its launch date. Additionally, it will support its current Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism when launched.

Community Anticipation

The Ethereum community has been eagerly awaiting this upgrade and some may be disappointed with this delay. However, they understand that correctly preparing for such an event is important in order to avoid any potential issues down the track. As a result, they look forward to all of the benefits this upgrade will bring upon its launch in April 2021.


With the new set date for the mainnet launch of Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade officially confirmed for April 2021, members of its community can finally begin looking forward to all of its positive implications once live on-chain!

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